have a wedding to submit?

Magazine Submissions:
Each issue we run 4 to 6 real weddings from the Space and Treasure Coasts. We love all types of weddings from all venues and cultures, but we especially love weddings that show emotion and authentic moments along with amazing inspiration! Other things that appeal are weddings that are a little different to the norm and have some kind of element which we may not have been seen before, this could be a new location, a small detail or something larger scale.

Website Submissions:
We take submissions for both social media posts and blog posts we will make on our website! Images must be submitted via a web gallery like Pixieset or similar. Images should be 2040 pixels width minimum and 72 dpi. Please do not send submissions via DropBox, google docs, WeTransfer or anything we need to download to view.

Guidlines for all submissions:
We don’t normally accept submissions for styled shoots, but do make exceptions if we see fit to include any new and inspiring trends! Keep in mind that we like to still keep it close to home, so the more vendors from the Spacecoast and Treasure Coast, the better!

Please make sure if you are submitting a wedding that you have permission from both the couple and/or the photographer. We will be reaching out to both the couple and photographer to get their approval to use their images before using any photos both online and in print.

As mentioned above our favorite way to receive a submission is via Pixieset, Smugmug, Pic-time gallery or some other similar type of online viewing platform, we can’t tell you how much easier this makes life for us. Please do not send us links to website blogs, single images, or links to other publications as a submission.

If your wedding gets accepted you MUST provide web addresses and Instagram handles (if applicable) for vendors or we cannot run the wedding.

If your wedding does not get accepted, we urge you to keep submitting! We carefully follow the latest trends and we seek to put out the content that fits best with those trends, and those trends are always changing!

Thank you so much for supporting Forever Magazine, we look forward to seeing your work. Please note we personally look over every single submission we receive. At times (especially around deadline) it can take 3 to 4 weeks to get an answer back to you. But reassured we are constantly working to get back to you just as soon as we can.

Specs for Print: 
High Res jpegs at 300dpi and larger than 8.5x11in.
Specs for Web
2040 pixels wide at 72dpi


Just simply click the button below to email your submission to with the following info.

  • The couples name in the subject line

  • The venue and city where the wedding was held. You do not need to fill out a credits list when making a submission, but we do need some details in order to make an informed decision so the more you can tell us about the day the better. If we do decide to post any of the images, we will reach out to you to get the vendors lists! If you already have a list, feel free to include it on your initial email, but it is not necessary.

  • A Pixieset, Pic-time, Smugmug (or similar) link cut and pasted into your submission email. Please note that , with web res, hi res and original file sizes available for download is our preferred method for receiving images. Just don’t forget to give us the password and download pin!

    Feel free to submit multiple weddings and styled shoots!